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    While I have curtailed my new angel investments to focus on my fund idea, there are still some very exciting areas that I continue to focus on and explore.  In fact, I consider the recent trends in the Valley with the VCs moving away form the consumer-facing companies and focusing more on enterprise and cloud platforms to be very fortunate for my investment thesis. Unlike many VCs and investors here, I happen to believe that this is the golden age of consumer-based platform, as there is so much that can be done for the average user (more on this in a future article).

    Travel, healthcare, O2O, new models of e-commerce, and next generation of social media are among areas that I am researching at this point.  Healthcare, with the advances in Genomics as well as initiatives on electronic medical records and communications is a truly exciting area.  All of these areas have the potential for huge value creation for consumers, as well as, in many cases, for the whole society.

  • Bina Technologies

    Bina Bina Technologies, founded by Stanford scientists, has revolutionized genomic analysis by making full sequencing orders of magnitude faster and more accurate. The company is the leading player in this fast growing sector.
  • Snapwire


    A revolutionary way to buy and sell photos - In semi-stealth mode for now.....

  • Backplane


    Backplane unites people around interests, affinities and movements in unprecedented ways.  The first Backplane community is Lady Gaga's #LittleMonsters ( Additional Backplane communities will launch throughout 2012.

  • YouEye


    Providing dynamic and rapid UI/UX testing platform, using advanced computer vision technologies, and a flexible new panel format.

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt

    A new e-commerce and  discovery platform, combining Pinterest and social shopping, building on the visual aspect of items people love to have, but don't know how to hunt them.

  • Delphi


    Delphi Solutions develops user-friendly, intelligent software to improve government transparency, efficiency, and performance

  • Annelutfen


    Turkey's leading baby, child, and maternity e-commerce site, providing the combination of best products, prices, advice and social networking for mothers.

  • ThreeGears Systems

    ThreeGears Systems

    3Gear's mission is to bring gestures to everyday computer interfaces, by eveloping cutting edge computer vision technology and designing user experiences that are highly intuitive, comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Triptrotting


    A new social travel concept, matching locals with interested travelers, allowing them to meet up with locals and join unique activities, around the world. 

  • LocalMotion


    Smart networks of shareable vehicles. Could revolutionize the local transporttion and ultimately auto business by optimizing Mobilty on Demand. Their smart paltform is used by Google in its campus.

  • Signifyd


    Using a platofrm approach combined with social tools for a simplifed fraud  investigations. Creating the next gen reputation platform for online businesses that could save $ billions. Used by Fed Ex, Travelocity and others.

  • Qwiki


    An innovative concept to deliver information to consumer in the natural way: a multimedia storytelling format.

  • Cleversense

    A new personalization platform; available as Alfred app on smartphones and tablets; * Acquired by Google on December 2012 *

  • Genophen


    A new comprehensive genomics/medical//lifestyle based platform to evaluate and mange your health, focusing on prevention and improvements.

  • Investment Yogi

    Investment Yogi

    A leading financial planning and resource site in India, with award winning prodcust.

  • iCanBuy


    The real-time, direct-connect mortgage pricing and loan information engine, providing a consumer-friendly and efficient way to match lenders with borrowers * Acquired by Informa Research, a Division of Inforam plc (LSE:INF) *

  • Sonitus Medical

    Sonitus Medical

    The next gen of hearing devices and related products, based on a patented new technology using bone conduction.

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