A Few Key Trends that I Focus on:

e-Commerce 3.0 – The curated, personalized and image-driven commerce (e.g. Thehunt.com)

Social Networking 2.0 – Beyond Facebnook  (e.g. Backplane, a portfolio company)

Travel – Social travel ( e.g Triptrooting) and new, personalized ( vs. search-based) planning and booking

Shared Use – Expanding markets with shareable commerce and services; Smart infrastructures (e.g. LocalMotion)

Consumer-Focused Health Care- Creating easy and seamless communications, health care delivery, disease prevention, and integrated healthy living platforms (e.g Genophen)

Local Advantage- Giving full and easy access to the millions of local products and services, by making them searchable and personalized

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Investment Companies:



3Gear Systems