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A Few Current Trends in Silicon Valley

Wearable devices have been on the rise in Silicon Valley, with several new companies raising money in the past nine months. This is in part driven by the release of Google Glass to developers, which has already driven funding for start-ups based on Google glass apps. The exacted release of Apple’s iwatch in the next year or so has also help drive the interest in the space. Samsaung’s release last week of its iwatch marked the beginning of the mainstream commercialization of these products.

Google Glass

I had an opportunity to try Google Glass and it was an impressive experience.   I believe the concerns about how one would look wearing Google Glass in public will be overcome but more importantly, I see consumers and business professionals using the Glass at home and office, to increase their productivity.

Facebook, Google, Yelp and others….

Facebook usage appears to be dropping, judging from various surveys.  While mobile usage is increasing, the trend among younger user base is to limit their overall Facebook usage.  It seems that this “early indicator” demographic is suggesting that we have peaked in terms of how much people rely on Facebook.  Some of this trend has to do with the increasing privacy concern of the users, especially the younger ones.  Some of it has to do with limited innovations at Facebook, and some has to do with just usage fatigue and maturity of the platform.

Yahoo, the next eBay?

Yahoo reported last night, and Marissa Meyer gave a plausible and even convincing argument on how she plans to revive growth.  While most of the Wall Street analysts are understandably still cautious, I think it is time to bet on Mayer. 

On SOLOMO, Facebook & Mobile

What happened to Social Mobile Local? It seems that the mobile part of the so-called SOMOLO is the only thing that is taking off, but that has nothing to do with the other two component of this misapplied buzz word..  There is no doubt that social apps have been popular but aside from photo-based apps, nothing new has taken off in a big way, and certainly nothing significant  that integrates ‘local’  as an essential element of interaction.


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