Over The Past Three Years

Dear Friends:

It has been three years since I left Wall Street, officially on June 30, 2007.  So far, it has been a highly enjoyable break for me,  but  I am starting my plans to get back to full action. As many of you know, the past three years were filled with enjoyable activities such as travel and spending time with my son, as well as various investment and other activities that were more serious. Here is a quick rundown of what kept me busy in the past three years:

  • I joined the board of my son’s school, Wings Learning Center  in 2007, as the chair, which consumed a great deal of time, as it required some significant activities and direction.
  • I invested in an Indian start-up, Investmentyogi.com and joined their board of directors.  Investmentyogi is addressing a growing upper middle class in India that wants to manage its money, but has few resources for investment or financial planning.
  • I joined the advisory board of ChinaVenture, the leading venture and investment strategy consultancy in China. ChinaVenture provides research, consultancy, and advisory services to TMT companies in China and abroad.
  • I joined the advisory board of icanbuy.com, an Irvine, CA-based start-up that is targeting the mortgage and home buying experience with an innovative new online approach and has created a new platform that attracted the National Association of Home Builders and the Building Industry Association.
  • I joined the advisory board of 3plus1, a Silicon Valley-based company with patent pending technology that provides a hardware/software solution for a variety of applications, especially video download and viewing.
  • I joined the advisory board of AARP International Network, which is a subsidiary of AARP focused on expanding international alliances and learning from global population trends.
  • I continue to be on the advisory board of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Association. SEMPO is regrouping with a new leadership and has seen a tremendous expansion in international markets.
  • I have also been investing actively in the public equities.  It has been, of course,  a harrowing experience in the past three years but I am happy to say that I fared much better than the market and have gained back all the loss in 2008. I am now solidly in positive territory compared to when the financial crisis begin, while S&P is some 20% below its Dec. 2007 level.
  • I have invested in a new search application that will be launched soon. Very excited about the team and the concept here.  Stay tuned.

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