Google Glass

I had an opportunity to try Google Glass and it was an impressive experience.   I believe the concerns about how one would look wearing Google Glass in public will be overcome but more importantly, I see consumers and business professionals using the Glass at home and office, to increase their productivity.

An important aspect of the Glass is its voice-enabled interface, which doesn’t require any other physical action by the user.  Just as my iPad and iPhone sit on my desk next to my laptop and I use them to complement my laptop use, I can see wearing the Glass in my office and becoming more efficient.

The iPhone and iPad (and their Android counterparts) provided an enormous benefit by allowing a new interface: touch.  The Glass, provides two additional interfaces: highly useable voice command/output, and a third screen. 

The applications for the Glass could be numerous and we will not think of most of them now, just as we had no idea of the type of apps that became useful on the iPhone.  I can, however, see a few areas that are obvious even now:

Travel – Just as there are now more pictures taken by iPhone than any other device, (according to Verizon), The Glass has the potential to become the easiest camera to use. As they say, the best camera is the one that you have with you. In addition, the ability to get information about the places, possible translations, directions, etc. can be invaluable to have in front of you, without having to pick up your phone and type in your request .

Local Review/Check ins.  I have always been hoping that we will get more reviewers for local business, beyond the 2% of the people who currently contribute.  It is also my theory that if the review process was made very easy and frictionless, more people will submit reviews, hence increasing the quality of the reviews substantially. With the Glass, not only it is easily confirmed that the reviewer is at the establishment, the task of reviewing can be very simple and take only seconds. 

Social Network Posts.   Most updates these days have a photo attached to them, making the Glass an ideal “Posting device”.  The Glass can potentially offer a much enhanced sharing experience, as it will record exactly what the person sees, and it will making posting much easier.  Already, Facebook and Twitter have both announced apps for Google Glass.

Productivity.  One advantage of the Glass which has not been noted much is that it brings the microphone and the speaker very close to one’s face, thus making voice command and output highmore practical.  Where Siri left off, Glass can continue and make the device extremely useful.  Evernote has announced a Glass app already and I can see the potential for a number of new productivity tools based on Glass.   

Content consumption, especially music and short video, is yet another potential area of use for the Glass.  My guess is that by the end of 2014, we will have a large number of apps already designed for the Glass and being used by consumers

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