Focus Areas

e-Commerce 3.0 – The curated, personalized and image-driven commerce (e.g.

Social Networking 2.0 – Beyond Facebnook  (e.g. Backplane, a portfolio company)

Travel – Social travel ( e.g Triptrooting) and new, personalized ( vs. search-based) planning and booking

Shared Use – Expanding markets with shareable commerce and services; Smart infrastructures (e.g. LocalMotion)

Consumer-Focused Health Care- Creating easy and seamless communications, health care delivery, disease prevention, and integrated healthy living platforms (e.g Genophen)

Local Advantage- Giving full and easy access to the millions of local...


As many of you know, I am working on launching a new a early-stage consumer/media/technology fund. I have had some very positive feedback from early investors and am ready to start full fund raising soon. The fund will be focused on early stage (series A) investing in companies with consumer-focused models in consumer focused platforms and technologies in areas such as assisted consumer, shared-use, new e-commerce, and travel, and digital health. The unique approach of the fund be based on three pillars of a) research-driven analysis and focused on specific areas only, b) use a 'consumer value proposition' lens, and c) focus on only on large ($1 B) market opportunities only. With this fund, I like to put into practice what I have been talking about for years now, in consumer trends,...


Investment Companies:



3Gear Systems